Our Testimonials

The tour guide did a fantastic job by providing hospitality, attention and care to the group and our delegates are very satisfied with his service. He has made their trip an amazing, fulfilling and memorable one! Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
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We are especially satisfied with the volleyball coaches, the venue for training and the schools we competed with that Siam Express arranged for us. Qifa Primary School
Quick response, good service to book additional free guided tours. Anglican High School
Guides from both Singapore and Batam were deeply responsible and managed ad hoc changes and challenges well. They were helpful without being intrusive. On the whole, it has been a great day for our students. Fajar Secondary School
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The execution of the Overseas Learning Journey was smooth, with the tour leader and guide both being very personable and responsive to requests on our side. Dunman High School
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The liaison officer for Siam Express alongside his assistant was efficient and gracious in his replies – his efforts to visit the school to brief the teachers and students before their departure were very much appreciated. Jurong Junior College
Agent worked promptly throughout the journey and was helpful and cheerful in their service. River Valley High School
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All our requests in the itinerary were very well met and within the budgeted sum. Nan Hua High School
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The itineraries were well thought through that involves students in engaging activities and expose them to new experiences. Hillgrove Secondary School